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EdisonLearningMay 17, 2022 10:54:31 AM1 min read

Exceptional Personalized Learning and Rethinking Education with Dr. Jim Rickabaugh (S1E7)

In this episode, Thom Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of EdisonLearning, talks with Dr. Jim Rickabaugh, Senior Advisor for the Institute for Personalized Learning. In addition to his role as a lifelong educator, Jim is the author of Tapping the Power of Personalized Learning: A Roadmap for School Leaders, a refreshing perspective on learners, education philosophy, and data concerning equity. In this conversation, Thom and Jim focus on personalized learning, its applications, and how educators can use it to best prepare their students for productive and successful lives. 

This episode centers on a change of perspective on education. As Thom and Jim point out, at the beginning of the American education system, the modes of teaching and learning were reinforced by the type of jobs that students could expect to participate in. In analyzing the skills necessary for a career in the modern job market, Jim has concluded that a more individualized and creative approach is necessary. As Thom points out, this discovery and individual-led education is an equity driver because it addresses the concerns of individuals who struggled in a very traditional, structured, and tasked base American education system. 

Equity Everywhere is a podcast series hosted by MindRocket Media Group and EdisonLearning President & CEO Thom Jackson. Joined by a variety of K-12 practitioners and experts, they engage in critical, meaningful, comprehensive conversations about equity in education ― what are the key factors, variables, objectives, and considerations for the education system to acknowledge and address? Podcast participants will highlight, amplify, and refine best practices and solutions for ensuring education equity everywhere.