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Dual enrollment

The Dual Enrollment Program at EdisonLearning offers a unique opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their college education. By participating in our program, students can earn valuable college credits while still in high school, setting them up for academic success and a seamless transition to higher education.

Why Choose EdisonLearning's Dual Enrollment?

  • Accelerated Learning: Dive into college-level courses and challenge students' academic capabilities.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce future college tuition by earning credits now.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Courses designed to fit into high school timetables, ensuring students can manage both sets of responsibilities.
  • Diverse Course Offerings: From humanities to STEM, explore a wide range of subjects that align with future career aspirations.

Earning College Credit

Dual Enrollment Credentials

Enrolling in Dual Enrollment through EdisonLearning is the best way for students to earn college credit and expand their learning journey.

qualityassurance Quality Assurance

Syllabi, faculty credentials, assessment information and more

improvedprocess Improved Processes Wide variety of courses to register from with straightforward steps for registration   
approvedbyaccreditors Approved by Accreditors Institutions have received approval to share courses from all leading regional accrediting bodies  
18 Colleges & Universities
500+ Courses

Benefits of a four-year

  • Higher likelihood of credit transfer in- and out-of-state

  • Larger course catalog with specialty courses 

  • Highly credentialed faculty devoted to research and education 

  • Academic rigor prepares students for post-secondary success

  • Potential for student support services in a communal and collaborative environment

Course Process

Before the semester begins
  • Advisor processes course registration for student with EdisonLearning
  • Student receives welcome email with all policies, course expectations and login credentials
During the semester
  • Student has the full asynchronous college experience
  • Course instructed by college faculty using the college's learning management system
  • Student expected to uphold college policies and procedures
After the semester
  • College reports final grade back to EdisonLearning
  • Student grade available in transcripts and eSchoolware records
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EdisonLearning Dual Enrollment Starts in 18 States

Please talk to your EdisonLearning representative for a complete list of offerings


Commonly called dual enrollment.

Looking for more information?


Called concurrent or dual enrollment.

Looking for more information?



Called dual enrollment.

Looking for more information?


Called dual credit.

Looking for more information?


Called dual credit or early college.

Looking for more information?


Called dual credit.

Looking for more information?


Called dual enrollment.


Called dual enrollment.


Called dual enrollment.

North Carolina

Called career & college promise (CCP)

Looking for more information?


Called college credit plus. (CCP)

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South Carolina


Called dual enrollment.

Looking for more information?


Called high school dual enrollment.

Looking for more information?



Called early college credit.

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