About Us


For more than a quarter of a century, EdisonLearning has been at the forefront of some of the most dramatic changes in America’s public education system. Throughout our history, we have provided a broad range of educational services to many schools across the United States.

Our outcomes are not solely based on student test scores – but on graduation rates, college acceptances, and meaningful jobs. We believe success is not solely about achieving academic results, it’s about securing futures.


To provide education solutions which help our partners eliminate the persistent disparity of academic opportunities and outcomes for students as a result of their socioeconomic circumstances.


A world in which every student - regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances - has an opportunity to receive an excellent education and to attain the life skills that help them reach their fullest potential and contribute to our global society.

Our Core Values

Every aspect of our work remains rooted in our Nine Core Values™, which are integrated into the curriculum, the culture of every school with which we partner, and within our corporate culture. Most of these principles were integral to the original EdisonLearning School Design to highlight the essential roles of character and ethics in providing an excellent education.

The Nine Core Values™ are evident in all of EdisonLearning's work including our alternative learning academy model, our eCourse® curriculum, our client relationships, and our corporate culture.

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Our History

EdisonLearning currently serves 15,000+ students across 200+ schools in 10+ states.

We strive to shape a world in which every student, regardless of socioeconomic circumstance, has access to an excellent education and the ability to attain life skills that unlock their potential to powerfully impact our global society.

Our Expertise

For over 10 years, EdisonLearning has led the way in offering solutions to help educators and students achieve the education they deserve.

We offer two innovative solutions, Blended & Virtual Learning and Alternative Learning Academies, both of which are focused on serving students in need and helping them succeed through dynamic eCourses, innovative and proprietary technologies, and a rigorous achievement framework with complementary training and professional development offerings.

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Blended and Virtual Learning

EdisonLearning offers over 150 eCourses, including 48 project-based learning (PBL) courses in English, math, science, and social studies curriculum, as well as a proprietary learning management system - eSchoolware™.

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Alternative Learning Academies

Our Alternative Learning Academies have provided at-risk students, including students who have dropped out of high school, a blended learning environment designed to drive higher academic achievement and graduation rates.