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EdisonLearningJun 6, 2022 8:30:00 AM1 min read

Creating A Research-Based Approach Blended Learning with Lee Phillips

In the history of education, blended learning has been used as a tool to present different modalities of learning to students. Since its inception, blended learning has presented a model of instruction that lets students work at their own pace, find avenues for subject exploration and more.

EdisonLearning consultant Lee Phillips has a wealth of experience using blended learning in schools and provides a research base for teachers and learners alike. Lee began his career as a high school teacher in the UK and has been a leader in blended learning for more than two decades.

“When it first emerged, blended learning was a computer in the back of the classroom where some kids went and worked while you as a teacher ran the rest of the classroom. Teachers have flexed how this works, so some curriculum content is done online. And that's often been used for minority subjects that can't be covered in the school,” said Phillips on the development of blended learning in the classroom. 

Using the model seen in research, and discussions with educators, Lee and the EdisonLearning team could formulate their own approach to blended learning. Their goal was simple, combine two major necessities that blended learning could address: personal learning and access to additional content. 

“What we have used in EdisonLearning is a flex model. Core content is covered through an online provision then supported and bolstered by intentional direct instruction by teachers. This targeted the standards or subject content that we know from previous data and evidence our students have difficulty with.” 

Using this successful model, EdisonLearning has leveraged blended learning to redefine student achievement and allow schools to explore content they would be able to otherwise access. Lee continues his work with EdisonLearning and has become a leader in finding connections between research, professional development, and blended learning. Click here to learn more about our blended learning availabilities. 

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