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How Schools Can Use Cares Act Funding

EdisonLearning's programs and services align with Cares Act Funds made available through COVID-19 Relief packages, as well as many other federal funding sources.

Unprecedented federal funding is currently available to address the needs of students and schools throughout the United States. The funds help to address the needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic and also support long-term planning in purchasing new education technology, implementing professional development, enhancing STEM and STEAM programs, and more. Because so many of these funding sources are newly created, education leaders are looking for answers about the best ways to utilize these funds to benefit their districts and schools.

The team at EdisonLearning can help you target your critical areas of need, using available funds to help each student succeed. Learn how each of our programs and services aligns with available funding.

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Cares Act Funded Resources for Schools

Funding Sources

Title II: Improving Teacher Quality

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Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

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21st Century Community Learning Centers

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Overall, EdisonLearning’s extensive portfolio of programs and services meet the allowable uses of federal funding provided by the CARES Act, COVID Relief Act, and the American Rescue Plan that:

  • Provide principals and other school leaders with the resources necessary to address the needs of their individual schools. Recapture the ~30% of students who have left public education by offering an online school. We provide the teachers for a turn-key solution.
  • Address the unique needs of low-income children or students, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, and foster care youth.
  • Purchase educational technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity) for students who are served by the local educational agency that aids in regular and substantive educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors.
  • Plan and implement activities related to summer learning and supplemental after-school programs, including providing classroom instruction or online learning during the summer months.
  • Activities that are necessary to maintain the operation of and continuity of services in local educational agencies.


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