Our Products & Services Offer Schools:

  • Courses designed for academic growth that are delivered in dynamic systems
  • Interactive data dashboards for individualized student support
  • Qualified instructional services or platform training for your local teachers


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Our promise to schools is to be a trusted partner and true collaborator. From the first day of our partnership, we’re here to understand your challenges, your goals, and your dreams, and work with you every step of the way to reach success.

eCourses & Formative Assessments

Core and Elective Courses
Core and Elective Courses

EdisonLearning provides eCourse content, delivery, and certified instructors for more than 150 different core and elective courses, grades 6-12.
*Offered as individual, seat, and site licenses.

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Career and Technical Education

Our career-focused eCourse curriculum offers pathways to prepare students for industry certifications, engage in career exploration, and learn about new technologies.

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Social-Emotional Learning
Social-Emotional Learning

Our Social-Emotional Learning and Soft Skill Development course helps students develop the skills and resiliency to feel better, accomplish more, and create the life they want.

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Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning

EdisonLearning’s project-based learning curriculum challenges students to demonstrate mastery through action projects.


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Instructional & Student Support Services

Over 25+ years working with schools and districts, we’ve developed an effective approach based on our depth of experience and the unmatched expertise of our dedicated, values-driven team. 

Solutions to Support Schools

Instructional Services
Instructional Services

Our highly-qualified, experienced teachers are certified in multiple states to deliver asynchronous instruction along with any individual eCourse or overall content enrollment.

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Advisement Services

Our certified guidance counselors are available to support students in all three aspects of the their development (academic, career, and personal/social).

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Tutoring Services

These one-to-one tutoring services are available in personalized one-hour increments for learners and/or schools to schedule in core area subjects.

Group pod
Learning Pods

These tutoring services provide students with the option to join pre-scheduled live lessons with certified teachers, which cover set topics in core subject areas.

Professional Development
& Training Services

EdisonLearning provides professional development aligned to its eCourses, to ensure a smooth implementation at the school level. Professional development on online and blended learning supports schools in developing a sustainable, effective plan for technology-enabled instruction.

Available workshops:

Getting started with EdisonLearning

A workshop that covers the basics of eSchoolwareTM and the pedagogical design of EdisonLearning content

Going to blended or remote

Multiple workshops that cover best practices and strategies for faculty beginning to teach blended or fully remote learning

Digital safety training for teachers

A teacher-centered session that focuses on digital safety with an emphasis on protecting student data

Pedagogy and advanced features

A session that focuses on best practices in virtual instruction and advanced features of eCourses and eSchoolwareTM

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What Educators & Students Say About Us

EdisonLearning continues a legacy of delivering the most innovative and extensive portfolio of proven solutions used in public education for grades 6-12. We focus on establishing a school environment that promotes student learning and success; a full and rich curriculum; and the ongoing training and professional development of high performing administrators and teachers.


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The best thing about the eCourses, is that they let me learn at my pace, so I got more out of them than some of my normal classes.

Julian Sosa

10th Grader, Palm Beach Prep Academy

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The eCourses expose our students to a rigorous curriculum that initially meets them at their personal learning level, and then helps them to advance to a higher learning level where they need to be.

Kerry-Ann Brammer

Principal, Andrews High School

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The eCourses and eSchoolware platform help our students gain academic traction by allowing them to easily navigate subject matter, which in turn helps them to accelerate their learning process.

Alex Madrigal

Principal, C.G. Bethel High School


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