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Our Products for Schools

  • Courses designed for academic growth that are delivered in dynamic systems
  • Interactive data dashboards for individualized student support
  • Qualified instructional services or platform training for your local teachers
From the first day!

The EdisonLearning Promise

Our promise to schools is to be a trusted partner and true collaborator. From the first day of our partnership,
we’re here to understand your challenges, your goals, and your dreams, and work with you every step of the way to reach success.

eCourses & Supplemental Programs

Core and Elective
EdisonLearning provides eCourse content, delivery, and certified instructors for more than 150 different core and elective courses, grades 6-12.
*Offered as individual, seat, and site licenses.
Social-Emotional Learning
Our Social-Emotional Learning and Soft Skill Development course helps students develop the skills and resiliency to feel better, accomplish more, and create the life they want.
Dual Enrollment

EdisonLearning’s Dual Enrollment program allows high school students to enroll in college-level courses and earn dual credits.



Career and Technical Education

Our career-focused eCourse curriculum offers pathways to prepare students for industry certifications, engage in career exploration, and learn about new technologies.

The eCourses expose our students to a rigorous curriculum that initially meets them at their personal learning level, and then helps them to advance to a higher learning level where they need to be."

Kerry-Ann BrammerPrincipal
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