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EdisonLearningApr 20, 2022 1:39:11 PM1 min read

The Rise of Directors of Equity with Shomari Jones (S1E5) by Equity Everywhere

What is equity? Who is leading the charge in shaping educational equity? How can I get involved in the movement for educational equity? The Equity Everywhere podcast answers these questions and more. Made for educators, this podcast will give you vital resources through conversations with equity leaders across the educational industry.

In this episode, Thom Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of EdisonLearning, chats with Shomari Jones, the Director of Equity and Strategic Engagement at Bellevue School District in Bellevue, Washington. 

In this conversation, Thom and Shomari focus on the process of developing an equity leader position for school districts. A bulk of the conversation discusses making this position as effective as possible. In this discussion, Thom and Shomari discuss addressing institutional issues, qualities of great equity leaders, the challenges equity leaders face, and most importantly, the structures that need to be created within a school district to support the creation and implementation of a director of equity. 

This discussion is interesting because of the barriers and politics that directors of equity or equivalent positions in school districts face and how long the process of creating institutional equity takes. Thom and Shomari discuss how solutions like professional development, community engagement, institutional assessment, and more are long-form processes that take time, patience, and resolve but create lasting and essential change in schools and communities. 

Equity Everywhere is a podcast series hosted by MindRocket Media Group and EdisonLearning President & CEO Thom Jackson. Joined weekly by a variety of K-12 practitioners and experts, they engage in critical, meaningful, comprehensive conversations about equity in education ― what are the key factors, variables, objectives, and considerations for the education system to acknowledge and address? Together, podcast participants will highlight, amplify, and refine best practices and solutions for ensuring education equity everywhere.

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