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EdisonLearningMay 6, 2022 9:00:00 AM1 min read

How To Lead Equity Initiatives with Dr. Joshua Starr (S1E6) by Equity Everywhere

In this episode, Thom Jackson, President and Chief Executive Officer of EdisonLearning, chats with Dr. Joshua Starr, Chief Executive Officer of PDK International, former superintendent of schools for Montgomery County Public Schools and Stamford Connecticut, and author of the recent book “Equity-Based Leadership: Leveraging Complexity to Transform School Systems.”

In this conversation, Thom and Dr. Starr focus on leading equity initiatives. The conversation starts with defining equity and how leaders can most effectively build an equity-centered agenda. As the discussion continues, Thom and Dr. Starr discuss several strategies for leading with stakeholders.

This episode's center was communication, mainly being open about goals, values, and best practices with stakeholders in the schools and the community. One piece of advice that Dr. Starr gave to other leaders and future leaders is to ensure a positive relationship with critical communicators, particularly identifying members of the district who understand the organization's primary objectives.

Equity Everywhere is a podcast series hosted by MindRocket Media Group and EdisonLearning President & CEO Thom Jackson. Joined by a variety of K-12 practitioners and experts, they engage in critical, meaningful, comprehensive conversations about equity in education ― what are the key factors, variables, objectives, and considerations for the education system to acknowledge and address? Podcast participants will highlight, amplify, and refine best practices and solutions for ensuring education equity everywhere.

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