A Statement on the Death of Daunte Wright

Our goal in education to ensure that every student is adequately prepared for college, career, civic participation, and life does not end when a student graduates. To see it through, we must boldly stand in support of that final piece ― life ― and state that it is unacceptable for lives to be cut short again and again. Collectively, we must condemn violence and senseless death. We must call out wrong when we see it and stand for right. Together, we must embrace the sanctity of life and truly strive to create a country in which every person of every race, age, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation has the opportunity to live out their life and fulfill their unique promise.

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Social-Emotional Learning

EdisonLearning Educators Discuss Social-Emotional Health ― Academic advisor Alisha Zak and math teacher Jodi Rogers-Carter discuss the invaluable relationships between advisor and student, as well as advisor and teacher, and how they are foundational to learning.

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Meet the New Digital Classroom

As a parent or student searching for online learning opportunities, you may feel overwhelmed with the multitude of offerings and programs available. Luckily, EdisonLearning now includes their reputable and rigorous eCourse offerings in EdisonLearnNow™ with highly qualified Learner Support Services to support any student's needs.

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As education evolves and school systems explore unfamiliar methods of teaching students, there is a need for forward-thinking guidance to empower both administrators and students for a better future.

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