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Online learning for students grades 6-12

Mark Your Calendars

Transforming Digital Classrooms for Student Success (Grades 7-12)

Make your plans now to take advantage of professional learning opportunities for the late spring/summer of 2022. It’s not too late to register your team or sign up yourself with cohorts start on May 4, May 17, June 1, July 11 & July 18.

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We believe in

Equity in Education for Everyone

EdisonLearning is partnering with districts nationwide to demonstrate how high-quality curriculum and instructional solutions can ensure that demographics and zip code are never a barrier to equitable academic opportunities. Our diverse pilot schools are sharing their stories and successes along the way as they implement resources and strategies to enhance equitable opportunity and achievement for all learners.

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Leading Provider of Online Courses for Students in Grades 6-12

EdisonLearning continues a legacy of implementing the most innovative and extensive portfolio of proven 6-12 school solutions used in public education. We focus on establishing a school environment that promotes student learning and success, a full and rich curriculum, and high-performing administrators and teachers' ongoing training and professional development.

Jennifer Ramos 12th Grader
"The eCourses filled in a lot of the things that I had struggled with. They helped me to better understand the subject material."
Edwin Reyes 12th Grader, Sunrise High School
"The eCourses I took were hard, but I learned more than I ever thought I could learn because of them."
Dan Walke Principal, Chambers High School
"The eCourses and eSchoolware opens up learning possibilities for our students, and actually for any students. It allows them an opportunity to fail, which many curriculums do not, and then retrains them to truly grasp the materials to enhance their learning experience."
Julian Sosa 10th Grader
"The best thing about the eCourses, is that they let me learn at my pace, so I got more out of them than some of my normal classes."
Alex Madrigal Principal
"The eCourses and eSchoolware platform help our students gain academic traction by allowing them to easily navigate subject matter, which in turn helps them to accelerate their learning process."

Our Digital Learning Solutions

As education evolves and school systems explore unfamiliar methods of teaching students, there is a
need for forward-thinking guidance to empower both administrators and students for a better future.

Explore Our Digital Learning Solutions

Whether you are looking for curriculum, student services support, or professional development support, EdisonLearning has the perfect option for you.

For Each Student

Accelerate Learning

EdisonLearning eCourses® ensure students master the core concepts and competencies they need to thrive.

Support Students

Academic, Career, and Social Development

Our certified guidance counselors are available to support students with all three aspects of the student’s development.

Who is CEO Thom Jackson?

Largest Minority-Owned Business in Online Education



Thom Jackson has held key positions at Fortune 100 companies and served three New Jersey governors, but it was his upbringing in a high-poverty Ohio zip code that truly formed him into the leader he eventually became―specifically, he saw the critical role of education. “I'm living proof of how education can change your life,” he says. “I'm on this trajectory because my 8th grade teacher Dottie Miller pulled me aside in the hallway and put me on the right path.”

That trajectory led Thom to join EdisonLearning, originally as General Counsel, during which time he quickly found himself immersed in education models, results, and understanding what quality teaching was all about. Within a couple years, the company went up for sale and Thom placed the winning bid, making EdisonLearning the largest minority-owned business in the online education space. Over nearly a decade as President & CEO, his passion has only grown. “I feel obligated to pay back at a scale Ms. Miller wouldn't even have imagined,” he says. “It keeps me driven.”