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Professional Learning Courses

Professional Learning Courses are expert-designed, product-agnostic learning solutions available to address the needs of school staff regardless of the software, content, or other online resources schools are using.

Now Available!

Transforming Digital Classrooms for Student Success (Grades 7-12)

Prepare teachers and leaders shifting to remote learning through small-group, cohort-based, and highly interactive courses that are developed and facilitated by highly experienced online educators.

Coming Soon!

Transforming Digital Learning for School Success

We will be releasing a professional learning series for school and district administrators soon. Teachers need school and district leaders to be knowledgeable about remote learning issues and challenges in order to be supportive. This series fills that need.

What's Next?

Transforming Digital Classrooms for Student Success (Grades K-6)

The course will model active online instruction, using a combination of live lessons and on-demand videos, online discussions, and extensive resources. Districts may register a cohort to go through the course together, or teachers may register individually.

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