Why Choose EdisonLearning?

For over a quarter of a century, EdisonLearning has been changing the conversation about education and improving learning opportunities for all students – regardless of ZIP code and socioeconomic status.

Inherent to the core of EdisonLearning’s business model, are Digital Learning Solutions, which include the following products and services:

• EdisonLearning eCourses® for 6 - 12th grade
• eSchoolware® platform
• Central Service Teachers and Advisors



Focused On Building Futures

Edison Learning is a purpose-driven company focused on student success and a positive workplace and school culture. Our mission and vision is evident in all aspects of our company, curriculum, systems, and client services.


To provide education solutions which help our partners eliminate the persistent disparity of academic opportunities and outcomes for students as a result of their socioeconomic circumstances.


A world in which every student - regardless of their socioeconomic circumstances - has an opportunity to receive an excellent education and to attain the life skills that help them reach their fullest potential and contribute to our global society.

Our Core Values

Every aspect of our work remains rooted in our Nine Core Values™, which are integrated into the curriculum, the culture of every school with which we partner, and within our corporate culture. Most of these principles were integral to the original EdisonLearning School Design to highlight the essential roles of character and ethics in providing an excellent education.

The Nine Core Values™ are evident in all of EdisonLearning's work including our alternative learning academy model, our eCourse® curriculum, our client relationships, and our corporate culture.

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About Us

Learn what makes EdisonLearning the right choice for your education needs.

As education evolves and school systems explore unconventional methods of teaching students, there is a need for forward-thinking guidance to strengthen districts and empower administrators who are molding America’s future.


Our Team

Thom Jackson
Thom Jackson

President & Chief Executive Officer, EdisonLearning

Kenneth E. Edwards
Kenneth E. Edwards

Chief Financial Officer, EdisonLearning

Nicholas Carlucci
Nicholas Carlucci

Chief of Business
Development and Senior Operations Officer for Blended and Virtual Learning

Dr. Sherrell Hobbs
Dr. Sherrell Hobbs

SVP Achievement Results & Operations

Dr. Wendy Oliver
Dr. Wendy Oliver

Chief Learning Officer, EdisonLearning

Romney L. Grippo
Romney L. Grippo

General Counsel, EdisonLearning

Karrie Dunn
Karrie Dunn

Director of Talent Innovation and Culture, EdisonLearning

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