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Wendy Oliver, EdDApr 14, 2021 10:35:00 PM1 min read

Global Leader Yong Zhao on Avoiding the 'Learning Loss Trap' - Episode 23

In this extended episode of Building the Bridge, we’re delighted to share an interview with world renowned education scholar, Dr. Yong Zhao. In this conversation with Dr. Wendy Oliver, Dr. Zhao expands on some of the key points from his recent article “Build Back Better: Avoid the Learning Loss Trap.” In the article, he speaks to the risk of some wrong decisions schools might make as a reaction to Covid-19 challenges, and then shares a list of proven, research-based, global strategies to pursue instead.

Dr. Zhao will enlighten listeners with his thoughts on what has actually been lost during the pandemic (versus what was just never gained, and what we can do next), and why he advocates for children to develop a jagged profile of qualities vs. focusing on narrow subject matter such as reading and math. As a proponent of a whole child education, Dr. Zhao promotes social-emotional learning, mental health, and a variety of academic subjects as equally important components of education.

Additionally, Dr. Zhao describes how he views children as global citizens; what they need to know about their responsibilities, their goals, and their outcomes; and why online learning is here to stay as an effective piece of education access. This is an interview you don’t want to miss!