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Wendy Oliver, EdDApr 7, 2021 4:49:00 PM< 1 min read

Avoiding 'CyberTraps' in Education, Part 2 - Privacy and Safety - Episode 22

In part two of this special crossover conversation with the CyberTraps Podcast, Dr. Wendy Oliver, Jethro Jones, and Frederick Lane continue their discussion about privacy, safety, and effective technology use in education. Listen to last week’s episode to hear the first part of the conversation.

Among the topics discussed in this episode, the participants share their observations on how parents and educators are managing the transition to a new digital learning environment, and what grace period the parties should be providing to one another as they get used to the new setup. There’s also discussion of the way schools are using funding to purchase technology, and how they can consider whether the technology used is truly furthering the mission of education. Especially with respect to privacy and safety concerns, there’s a lot to consider. One more important topic regards the downsides to conducting hidden surveillance through technology, and why an open and honest dialogue is more beneficial.