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Wendy Oliver, EdDJan 20, 2021 3:29:00 PM< 1 min read

Parent Advocacy: An Interview with Keri Rodrigues - Episode 12

In this episode of Building the Bridge, Dr. Wendy Oliver interviews Keri Rodrigues, mother and Founding President of the National Parents Union. Keri is referred to as “arguably the most successful parent organizer in education advocacy today.” Her outstanding commitment to social, economic and educational equity for children and families spans decades.

Her journey as a parent advocate started when she observed that she and other parents didn’t have a voice in their community regarding politics or policy in education. She organized with other parents and formed Massachusetts Parents United, which is now the largest parent advocacy organization, as well as discovered other pockets of parent power across the country. This ultimately led to establishing the National Parents Union.

Tune in to learn about Keri’s thoughts about online education and what parents can do to ensure their kids are getting the best education possible.  


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