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EdisonLearningFeb 13, 2023 11:31:40 AM2 min read

EdisonLearning Digital Learning Practitioners to Speak at Digital Learning Annual Conference

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - Experienced and accomplished digital learning practitioners from EdisonLearning, the longtime innovator in public education and leading provider of digital learning solutions for grades 6-12, will speak as session leaders at the upcoming Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC), February 13-15, 2023, at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas.

The DLAC is designed for K-12 digital learning practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to share, learn and debate best practices, challenges, successes, bumps and bruises, and future innovations in online and blended learning. Additionally, the conference helps to fill a gap in the professional opportunities for online and blended learning educators and administrators.

The five sessions led by EdisonLearning educators are:

Improving Achievement and Closing Gaps for Diverse Student Populations

Dr. Eunice Casey and Dr. Sharard Walker – EdisonLearning NorthStar Academies


This session will cover how schools can integrate digital curriculum with supplemental programs and direct instruction in a model that allows students to quickly recover credit and accelerate progress towards graduation. All of this was done at NorthStar Academies while improving academic performance and identifying post-secondary goals with students. 

Building Digital Learning for Quality, Engagement, and Success
Carly Fuller, Vice President of Product Design & Innovation - EdisonLearning

Instructors and school leaders are faced with the challenge of finding or creating curriculum that meets a long list of requirements. In this session, Ms. Fuller, head of product for an online learning provider, shares considerations for creating high quality digital curriculum that engages the student and leads to meaningful results. 

It's all about Induction!  Keeping first year virtual teachers learning, growing and eager to come back for a second year!
Dr. Darla Posney - EdisonLearning

In the world of virtual learning, how do we keep the best and brightest teachers as virtual instructors.  It is all about the support of a strong Induction/Mentoring program that teaches the skills necessary to succeed in the virtual learning arena.  This session will detail what Induction and Mentoring look like and how to maintain the best and the brightest.

Strength in Numbers: Using Data Inquiry Teams to Transform Learning
Dr. Lora Grasso - EdisonLearning

Data inquiry teams builds on the use of data and collaboration among professionals where the teachers are making real, evidence-based, data-backed analyses of learners and applying appropriate, research-supported interventions. This session highlights why this is so important, how these teams can be implemented, and what it can do for our students.

The Power of Words: How Our Words Can Affect Learning and Relationships
Dr. Lora Grasso and Dr. Darla Posney- EdisonLearning

In this session, Ms. Grasso reconsiders the language we use when communicating to students, parents, colleagues, and institutions; acknowledge the role of growth mindset in effective communication; and share examples of just how impactful our language can be with our students.Each of these members of EdisonLearning’s accomplished team of professional educators, brings a career’s worth of expertise in K-12 education and education technology. They understand how to deliver high-impact support based on industry-recognized best practices to ensure every child has access to an excellent education.

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