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EdisonLearningAug 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM3 min read

EdisonLearning and the Learning Counsel to Prepare School Leaders for the Re-imagination of Digital Learning in the Wake of Covid-19

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The 2021 EduJedi Seminars for K-12 will Equip School Administrators with Technology Skills & Knowledge to Address Challenges Facing American Education

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL and FAIR OAKS, CA – August 4, 2021:  EdisonLearning, the longtime provider of digital learning solutions aimed at closing socioeconomic disparities in public education, and the Learning Counsel, a leading research institute focused on providing context for the shift to digital K-12 curriculum, are collaborating to provide unique technology-focused seminars for district and school leaders. The 22 seminars will take place between August 9 and October 29, 2021 and will inspire education leaders to pursue and embrace innovation with the objective of better supporting children of all needs, abilities, and racial and ethnic backgrounds following the pandemic.

“A large number of schools are still acting like everything could go ‘back to normal’ in education,” said Leilani Cauthen, CEO of the Learning Counsel. “But what’s normal is now of great concern to trend-watchers and researchers, like the Learning Counsel, who are sounding the alarm that things are far from being anywhere near the cultural, economic or technology realities of the pre-pandemic world.

The 2021 EduJedi Seminars, “Foundations of K-12 Re-imagination,” will consist of 22 interactive learning sessions led by administrators who are members of the EduJedi Leadership Society, a group of 400+ school and district leaders. EduJedi leaders pledge “transformative relevance” by implementing the best digital learning technologies, organizing people and resources for student-centric and highly personalized learning, and leveraging human empathy to the best advantage for learners. The series is also open to educators and administrators who are not currently part of the EduJedi Leadership Society.

“We are excited to combine our decades of experience in digital and personalized learning with that of the Learning Counsel,” said Thom Jackson, EdisonLearning’s President & CEO.  “Increased exposure to remote and hybrid learning solutions during the pandemic has clearly exposed the disparities in guaranteeing all students – regardless of ethnicity, race and economic status – the opportunity to access a high-quality digital education,” Jackson said. 

“Post-pandemic, classroom teachers will face layered challenges in differentiated learning that digital and personalized learning solutions can help to solve,” said Dr. Wendy Oliver, Chief Learning Officer of EdisonLearning.  “The EduJedi Seminars will increase shared knowledge, best practices, and consistency of technology solutions to transform teaching and learning to make digital learning efficient, effective and long-lasting for all students.” 

The 2021 EduJedi Seminars are designed to open leaders’ and teachers’ minds to the real changes needed so they invest in game-changing technology and processes. Topics for these 22 sessions include the following and many more:

• 8 New Models of Schooling―Which one are you?
• What You Don’t Know About Software Can Hurt Your School
• Foundational EdTech Leadership―What’s Basic and Not-So-Basic
• Administrative Digital Learning Experience Standards―Working Towards Digital Pathways
• Teacher Digital Learning Experience Standards―Mix of Digital Design Elements

The convening of these leaders is timely given the shifting technology needs of schools and districts revealed by challenges during the pandemic and federal CARES Act funding for education technology that is anticipated in the coming months. Leaders interested in participating can get more information and register here:

About the Learning Counsel

Learning Counsel is a research institute and news media hub with 310,000 readers that provides context for schools in digital transition from a deep understanding of tech user experience, systems, and organization. Our mission-based organization was the first to develop a thesis of education’s future based on technology’s evolution -- and start helping schools advance systematically. Our EduJedi Leadership Society is a membership organization created for community amongst educators with change management professional development. Our Learning Groups on important tech topics and digital curriculum standards convene inside our social media site, Knowstory. Learn more at:

About EdisonLearning

EdisonLearning, the nation’s largest wholly minority-owned education services company, has been at the forefront of some of the most dramatic changes in America’s public education for more than thirty years. Its focus is to shape a world in which every student, regardless of socioeconomic circumstance, has access to an excellent education and the ability to attain life skills that unlock their potential to powerfully impact our global society. The company’s digital products and services boast decades of learning gains and achievement success. Its virtual learning solutions have supported a variety of virtual, blended, and alternative learning programs and EdisonLearning continues to expand offerings to traditional brick and mortar classrooms throughout the country. Learn more at