Online Learning Solutions

EdisonLearnNow™ lets parents and students take control of their online education, with proven courses and experienced instructors you can depend on

EdisonLearning is trusted by parents to provide a dynamic and engaging at-home learning experience. We understand that each student's learning style is unique and that's why our 6-12 online course curriculum is designed to meet middle school and high school students where they are.

With EdisonLearnNow, parents have access to core and elective course offerings as well as social-emotional learning, career preparatory, and technical education!

EdisonLearning is not a school, which means we cannot offer diplomas or credits. If you want to enroll the student in the EdisonLearnNOW™ online curriculum solution, your child's Learning Coach can provide unofficial transcripts and other course completion documentation in support of your school possibly offering credit. 

Learn more about our EdisonLearnNow course packages below and find a solution that works for you and your student.

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Designed with Learners in Mind


During these uncertain times, parents can lean on qualified teachers and graders to support their learners.


EdisonLearning has been offering digital learning solutions for years. This product was not born of the pandemic, but has been long established and proven successful at delivering effective and engaging curriculum to students through a digital platform.


EdisonLearning’s content is dynamic and engaging, students aren’t just listening to lectures and taking quizzes.

Our Teachers and Graders are Here to Support You and Your Student

The EdisonLearnNow™ team is dedicated to ensuring both you and your student feel fully supported. To help ensure your student's learning experience is as successful as it can be, our teachers and graders work to do the following:

+ Grade and provide personalized feedback on all quizzes and exams within 48 hours

+ Grade and provide personalized feedback on all projects, labs, writing assignments, and speaking assignments within 72 hours

+ Respond to academic interventions and forum posts within 24 hours


EdisonLearning's online course offerings and personalized educational plans are designed to fit each student’s unique needs. Our team is available to help you identify the right course package for you and your student. 

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EdisonLearnNow™ is only available in the United States. Currently, EdisonLearnNow™ is not available from EdisonLearning for parents and students residing in Arkansas, California, Missouri, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.