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Wendy Oliver, EdDSep 23, 2021 4:36:04 PM1 min read

Small Steps to Beat Burnout with Mike Anderson - Episode 38

Small Steps to Beat Burnout with Mike Anderson

Award-winning educator, author and education consultant Mike Anderson is the guest on today’s episode, as we continue the conversation about wellness that we started with Danielle Nuhfer in our previous episode.

Anderson explains that as teachers and parents, we see ourselves as caregivers and, therefore, we may feel that it’s always our job to give care. This feeling can make it very difficult to give ourselves permission to take time for self-care. He provides great detail on the importance of carving out the time to care for ourselves, explaining the benefits this has for our colleagues, students and children. This is a critically important concept to grasp early in the school year, so we can plan intentionally before burnout sets in.

Additionally, Anderson describes how habits – both bad and good – can build over time. His perspective is that small changes we can stick with are much better than big changes we can’t sustain. Each step adds up and guides us down a path. Listen to the interview in its entirety for some inspiration from an expert who has discovered ways to avoid burnout and take meaningful steps toward self-care and overall fulfillment.

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