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EdisonLearningMar 24, 2022 4:07:23 PM2 min read

Reflecting on 2021-2022 to Unite Curriculum

This time of year is always a period of reflection and planning for school districts.

How connected is our curriculum? Is our professional development engaging our teachers and making an active change? Are we doing enough to prepare our students for the job market using career technical education? These are all valid questions to be asked as you assess your district plan.  As schools prepare for the summer break and look at their end-of-year analytics, it is the perfect time to change and adapt curriculum for the next year. 

As we prepare for finals season and the spring semester to turn into summer break, we at EdisonLearning wanted to take a moment and explore how combining our services can help you unite your district strategy for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

What are we offering? 

To start, our Core and Elective Courses give you another option for curriculum. Over the past two years, Districts have relentlessly worked to address the pandemic and how it’s changed their schools. To match that dedication, we’ve spent the past two years ensuring that our core classes fit the changes we see across education. Additionally, we made sure that partnering with EdisonLearning for your curriculum gives you access to full student support services, including virtual instructors, tutors, and advisors. 

Post pandemic, we also see the need to expand Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) outlets for students. Your students can self-discover through our SEL programming in a supportive learning environment. We know you do so much to empower your students, and our SEL program can bolster that with modules for strength recognition, goal setting, creative problem solving, and the development of healthy learning habits. 

Many of our partner schools have shared interest in expanded Career Technical Education courses (CTE). To match that interest, we have added resources for CTE learning. Our new courses allow you to bring the 21st-century job market to your students. The job market is changing, and giving students solid career readiness prepares them to enter that market more prepared than ever. Whether your students want to start building a professional network, explore further technical career education, or apply for summer internships, our CTE courses prepare students for a world of their own making. 

Finally, we want to share how excited we are to add more professional development opportunities for new and veteran teachers alike. Continuing with the theme of incorporating technology into our suite of programs, our new professional development courses focus on the modern school, with things like online teaching at the center of our instruction. 

One Solution For A United Curriculum

If you are using multiple resources to create a curriculum, you may be struggling to unite these programs into one solid strategy. However, many districts are making a crucial realization a curriculum divided cannot stand. We are listening to your concerns and believe that our full suite of courses, services, and programs address your district's concerns all under one roof. In the 2022-2023 school year, EdisonLearning can be your united curriculum.