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Wendy Oliver, EdDJan 27, 2021 3:42:00 PM< 1 min read

The Future of School Choice with Amy Valentine - Episode 13

It's National School Choice Week in the U.S. and to help us get a more layered, in-depth picture of the present and future of choice in education, we're excited to feature an interview with Amy Valentine, CEO and Education Evangelist of Future of School. Amy shares her insights on the history of the traditional school choice discussion, and the ways in which that conversation is expanding and evolving, both as a result of the pandemic but also dating back over multiple decades of online and blended learning. Among other perspectives, Amy shares that “COVID-19 made it undeniable to everybody in our country [that] parents should have the right, and they should be empowered, to choose the best learning environment for their children.” Listen to this conversation between two innovative education leaders to gain a better understanding of the choices parents and students have over personalized educational options.


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