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Wendy Oliver, EdDMar 31, 2021 4:45:00 PM1 min read

Avoiding 'CyberTraps' in Education, Part 1 - Making the Right Choices - Episode 21

This special episode of Building the Bridge is a crossover episode, recorded in collaboration with the CyberTraps Podcast. CyberTraps is co-hosted by Jethro Jones, a former principal who authored the book SchoolX and has hosted more than 500 episodes of the Transformative Principal podcast for school leaders, and Frederick Lane, an attorney, educational consultant, and author of the CyberTraps book series. On their podcast, Jethro and Frederick present an entertaining and informative look at the risks of technology in education, and what parents and educators should know.

In this lively discussion, Jethro, Frederick, and Dr. Wendy Oliver tackle the following big question: In a world that’s moving toward digital learning at a rapid pace (and in which the future of learning will continue to have a significant online component), what are the actions parents and educators can take to ensure the learning environment is safe?

The conversation reflects on the past year in education, including the educational choices parents have learned about while navigating the pandemic, and how they’ve used these choices to benefit their children. The experts also talk about how we maintain standards that contribute to effective learning in a more fragmented environment; the ethical issues with remote learning, including the impact on educator and student privacy; and why critical thinking is an essential component in the modern classroom.