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Guest ContributorMar 17, 2021 9:46:00 AM2 min read

9 new podcasts to inform and inspire educators

These new podcasts explore a variety of education-related topics, including global education, innovation, and edtech

The pandemic’s challenges for the education community are no secret, but we’ve also seen how it has pushed innovation in many areas.

One such area is in podcasting, as the past year-plus has been fertile ground for new podcasts to launch, develop, and sustain.

Education isn’t the only industry in which storytelling is important, but through opportunities to highlight perspectives, from the classroom level up to global consultants and edtech entrepreneurs, the education field has many advantages with respect to creative content, diverse voices, and relevant idea-sharing.

The following podcasts have all begun since the start of 2020 and are designed to introduce educators to a variety of important ideas and conversations.

Mind the Gap: Making Education Work Across the Globe: Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, UK-based and internationally-recognized education authors and consultants, share best practices in classroom teaching, sustaining PD that makes an impact, and research-based approaches in need of greater reach. They’ve interviewed Doug Lemov, Richard Gerver, Baruti Kafele, Peter DeWitt, Mary Myatt and more leading thinkers about ideas and strategies to close global gaps. The series is also available as a YouTube show.

Future of School: The Podcast: Hosted by Future of School CEO and Education Evangelist Amy Valentine, this show gives all stakeholder voices in education―students, teachers, parents, policy influencers, and business leaders―a platform to discuss innovations in online and blended learning. Through a creative presentation and a variety of segment types, diverse voices share perspectives on equity and access, the differences between remote learning and “crisis schooling,” the future of school choice, and more.

Outrageous Love: Hosted by Dr. Sharroky Hollie, nationally recognized educator in cultural responsiveness, this podcast shares the journeys, stories, and testimonies of educators who are committed to being equitable and culturally responsive to the students who need them to be the most.

The Cybertraps Podcast: This show features interviews with experts in the fields of cybersafety, cybersecurity, privacy, parenting, and technology, to explore the risks arising from the use and misuse of digital devices. It is co-hosted by Frederick Lane, author of a series of CyberTraps books and an expert on the legal and cultural implications of emerging technology, along with Jethro Jones, host of the long-running Transformative Principal podcast.

Building the Bridge: Hosted by digital learning expert Dr. Wendy Oliver, this podcast centers on building the bridge between educators and parents, convening a single productive conversation around children’s education. Weekly episodes tend to be shorter in length and alternate between Dr. Oliver sharing strategies from her wealth of expertise, and interviews with leaders such as AASA’s Dan Domenech and the National Parents Union’s Keri Rodrigues, to connect with all listeners.

The Jeff Bradbury Show: This new offering from podcasting veteran Jeff Bradbury of TeacherCast is designed to help educators build their EDU brand! For educators looking to share their passions with the world or create an additional revenue stream, this series has useful advice.


Ross Romano, Managing Director, MindRocket Media Group

Ross Romano is Managing Director of MindRocket Media Group, a strategic communications and marketing firm helping education companies, organizations and institutions to connect with their key audiences. Ross is a believer in the power of communication to amplify great ideas, close gaps in knowledge, and foster the collaborative mindset necessary to succeed in the education community.