eDiagnostic Services


EdisonLearning’s eCourses come integrated with the eDiagnostic, a formative assessment tool to quickly and accurately identify students’ proficiency levels and enable personalized instruction.

Our eDiagnostic uses a criterion-referenced test paired with benchmarks rather than a norm-referenced test to determine areas for learning gain.What is the difference? When evaluating a student's area for learning gains, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we seek to identify objectives of a particular course that have not been met.

  • For example, a student may master 25% of the objectives associated with Algebra I on our assessment. With these results, we’ll know that the student needs extra attention in 75% of the remaining objectives based on state requirements.
  • With ongoing benchmarks, we’ll measure the student's progress toward mastering the remaining objectives.

Our goal is to accelerate learning for each student, in their personalized areas of need.


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