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As a great parent, you already know that teaching is more than helping your student with their homework. For more than a decade, EdisonLearning has provided online courses taught by trained, qualified online instructors.  Our teachers know how to reach, teach and engage remote learners – whether your student needs “just a little help,” to “catch up so that he does not fall behind,” or your student wants to get ahead.  Our digital courses and experienced online teachers are ready to teach so you don’t have to.

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EdisonLearnNow™ Courses

We have over 150 digital course offerings available for parents and students to purchase directly. Create a full-time course load or select a course or two individually, EdisonLearnNow™ offers core and elective courses as well as social-emotional learning, career preparatory, and technical education!

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Experienced, Qualified Teachers

Our experienced, qualified teachers have decades of teaching experience. They understand the challenges with teaching students remotely and know how to keep your student engaged and on-track through personalized communication and feedback.


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EdisonLearning offers online course packages for Middle School and High School students and their parents. With EdisonLearnNow™ parents can access core and elective course offerings as well as social-emotional learning, career preparatory, and technical education!

View our full list of online courses available for grades 6-12 below! 

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