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EdisonLearnNow™ offers single eCourse, basic subscription, and premium subscription course packages. With each package, students are supported by specified Learner Support Services and educational resources. Parents can also purchase add-on services and courses for their students like tutoring bundles, career preparatory electives, and much more. Each course offered is built to drive students towards post-secondary success.


In both high school and middle school core lessons, students will always encounter lesson content, videos, and an assessment. Other activities will vary depending on the grade level, course structure, and subject area.
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Lesson Video

The video contains information that will help to strengthen knowledge of the lesson content and focuses on key subject-specific information.

Essential Instruction

The main content of the lesson is found here. Students are encouraged to complete the embedded exercises by using interactive drawing and text tools.


The Reteach page clarifies and further explains the information found in the Essential Instruction area.


The Enrichment page encourages students to take their thinking beyond the content of the lesson.

Hear More, See More, Do More

Students are directed to resources that address the content using different modalities.

Activities Workbook

Workbooks contain foundational activities and puzzles such as word searches, crosswords, and matching exercises related to the lesson’s content.


Students are delivered their daily assessments in an interactive, visually stimulating game format. Summative assessments, such as quizzes and exams, are given in a conventional test format.

Instructor Guide

Designed for the teacher, this document reviews all of the lesson elements and provides teachers with extended activities to complete with students.

High School (Grades 9 - 12)
Need To Know

The Need to Know presents prerequisite information and/or summarizes information related to the given lesson.

Essential Instruction

The Essential Instruction delivers direct instruction of the concepts.


The Textbook provides supplementary information related to the concepts covered in the Essential Instruction.


The Reteach page reviews the concepts covered in the Essential Instruction.

Instructional Video

The Instructional Video presents the concepts from the Essential Instruction through a different mode of learning.


The Extension presents enrichment activities related to the Essential Instruction concepts, to extend the students’ thinking.


The concepts covered in the course are assessed through a variety of assessment types, including lesson assessments, quizzes, writing assignments, speaking assignments, project assignments, and exams.

ExploreLearning Gizmos®

Some math and science lessons contain additional interactive simulations that power inquiry and understanding of the concepts in the lesson. Each Gizmo® includes both a manipulative activity and corresponding formative assessment items.

Reading Guides

Reading Guides provide a combination of comprehension and critical thinking questions that guide students through the assigned reading in a lesson.


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